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Embrace your magical side & tap into your full potential. A sanctuary for spirituality & self-love.

About Us

Meraki Daydream Community aims to empower people to embrace their divinity and inspire them to be the magical forces of nature they were born to be. 

The purpose of growing a community- I wanted to create a space where everyone is on the same wavelength to inspire, uplift and motivate each other. This also keeps us accountable; being part of a mastermind-style membership that pushes us to achieve our goals when everyone around us is on the same mission. Helps us shift our mindset and become more aligned. 🔮

We aspire to encourage people to embrace the magic that is present in everyday life, and to pay attention to the signs from Spirit. 

Our brand serves as a reminder that the universe always has our backs, if we just tune in to its divine rhythm. This allows us to channel our inner divine power and exude a confidence that lets us step into our lives with a renewed sense of being.


A space to connect spiritual people through self-love, self-care, empowerment, mindset and purpose. 

For conscious, soul-led entrepreneurs and ambitious people looking to level up themselves. 

  1. Conscious Business Practices- Ethical Sales, Attraction Marketing, Branding and Creating a Brand with a Purpose.

  2. Spirituality and being Guided by the Universe- Tapping into that intuitive magic that is present when you allow the universe to communicate with you, guide you and inspire you. Learning to be receptive to signs, the little things in everyday life that we take for granted, the magic that surrounds us. 

  3. Self-Care in Personal Life and Business- Reducing overwhelm, anxiety, stress and burnout 

  4. Self-Love and Becoming a Powerful, Self-Aware Person: Embracing your inner Goddess 

  5. Authentic Self-Expression & Empowerment (through intentional fashion) 

  6. Connecting with Your Most Authentic Self for Your Mission to Flow through You. 

  7. Manifestation, Money, Laws of the Universe and Wealth Consciousness 

  8. Mindset Shifts to Help ambitious people become their best selves in their lives, and by extension their business: Your Business is an extension of YOU. 

  9. Finding your PURPOSE and living an INTENTIONAL life that is aligned with your highest good- connecting to your WHY and what drives why you do what you do. 

  10. Emotional Intelligence and Regulating Your Nervous System to navigate your Life and Business with Grace. 

  11. Divine Empowerment, Habit Building and Creating Strong Boundaries 

  12. Gratitude- The Basis of Receiving- Gratitude Journal Importance 

  13. Masculine and Feminine Energy 



Mantra: There’s not enough action you can take to overcome the wrong energy

  • I was now starting out in the business space, looking for mentorship, support and a community of like-minded people. I was beginning to understand the value of being surrounded by people who are doing what you’re doing and the ENERGY is just contagious and inspires you to take action. 

  • Most of the culture around business coaching and growing a business and getting support was very overwhelming for me (hustle culture) - I was seeking a more conscious and aligned approach to this that integrated self-care, self-love, alignment and mindset shifts that didn’t feel forced or stressful. My anxiety was prone to skyrocketing so those environments were not for me- just led to burnout, more stress and a focus on what you “should be doing to get results”, completely unaligned with what felt good. 

  • I was also able to understand the value of investing more into myself even when I didn’t have anything to invest- all of those free groups and resources I had seemed useless and trivial because I didn’t invest to be a part of them and I wasn’t ACTIVATED by them. The energy wasn’t there and I wasn’t inspired to take action so I stayed stuck and constantly second-guessing my next move and afraid to make any sort of investment. 

  • When I finally decided to take radical responsibility and invest into a mentor, something shifted inside of me. It was a sacred act of trusting in myself to undergo a transformation and level up. Lack of willingness to invest in myself before was symbolic of a lack of confidence and trust in myself and my abilities. 

  • I wanted to share this magic with everyone at a more affordable level- to have the community and support while taking steps to live your most authentic life has been the most empowering thing. And being surrounded by a community of like-minded people pushed me to grow and trust in myself and know that I am capable of doing anything I set my heart on.

Tap into your magical inner world and transform your life into a creative and abundant playground where inspiration and magic dance in harmony to increase your income and impact 

  • For our Business Membership, our pricing is symbolic of aligned and  living- your business is energetically an extension of you so that overall balance in life makes room for prosperity. 

Unlock your inner magic to become a conscious, soul-led entrepreneur and increase your income and impact through self-love, spirituality, mindset and manifestation. ✨

  • I want everyone to experience this magical level-up by just being in a space where everyone chooses to trust in themselves to lead themselves forward, while enjoying what they do and feeling successful, whatever that means to them. 

  • Mindset and how you feel about what you’re doing have become just as if not more important than all the strategies in the world because that’s where the magic lies. When you feel confident trusting yourself, you are guided to make decisions that support your growth on a divine level. When you tap into that energy and infinite abundance, life and business get to be enjoyable and rewarding in many ways.


  • Spirituality- Mindfulness, Meditation, Self-Care, Spiritual Concepts 

  • Mindful Business Practices 

  • Self-Love & Self-Care in Business

  • Mindset in Business

  • Money- Abundance, Attraction, Manifesting 

  • Purpose 

  • Empowerment 

  • Mindful Business Practices- Conscious Business, Sales, Marketing 

  • Personal Development & Spiritual Development for Entrepreneurs 

Embrace the transformative power of the Mindful Business Membership, where passion and purpose unite to elevate your journey, ignite your inner fire, and unleash your full potential. Join us now and experience the limitless possibilities that arise when conscious souls collaborate, inspire, and empower one another to create a world of harmony, success, and abundance. 💎

All About Vansa: Get to know me as you step into this beautiful space 🔮❣ 
  • I am a Capricorn Sun, Sagittarius Moon and Leo Rising 🦋
  • I am a Mechanical Engineer, Creative Entrepreneur and Airbnb Host ❤️
  • I am a 4/6 Generator in Human Design 🔮

  • I am introverted ✨

  • I am spiritual ✨

  • I am magical and mystical ✨

  • I have a genuine desire to serve and help people ✨

  • I have a deep interest in personal development and self-help concepts ✨

  • I believe in business development as a result of personal development- taking inspired action from a place of spiritual and personal up-leveling facilitates showing up differently as a person and business in this capacity 🦋

  • I believe in an inner-child focused-playful outlook to life, not taking things too seriously 🦋

  • I believe in operating from a place of joy and FLOW ❤️

  • I have a strong focus on minimizing burnout and exhaustion due to personal experiences- optimizing operations in your business and heavily incorporating SELF-LOVE and SELF-CARE ❤️

  • I am a true advocate for INTENTIONAL LIVING incorporating mindset and manifestation elements- journaling, subconscious shifting and reprogramming, spending time outside and grounding yourself 🔮

  • I believe in the power of raising your vibration- not from an egotistical sense. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. Fortifying and refining your frequency and paying attention to where your energy is flowing- emotions you’re embodying, and operating from a place of underlying JOY, GRATITUDE and SELF-LOVE ❤️

  • I believe that emotions are feedback and messages from your higher self to move your attention away from that which isn’t true. 

  • My thoughts On Manifesting- It’s evidence in the 3D world of a dominant vibration, backed by consistent, disciplined and intentional action. Have a deep, SUBTLE, EFFORTLESS knowing that it’s yours (don’t force it and create resistance) and simultaneously have detachment from it and reduce the importance surrounding it. Eg. Embodying the deep knowing that the sun will rise tomorrow to get familiar with the feeling of knowing what you want is coming to you. 

  • I believe that there is more to life and business than mindless hustle- For example, how you spend your DAY while you work for money: is this in alignment with your highest self? Are you happy with how you are spending your most valuable resource- time? 

  • I believe in manifesting and focusing on the 'dream life' and things that are authentically, genuinely important to you- get clear on what really matters to YOU; how you want your day to feel and lead with that. 

  • I want to live a divinely inspired life and share that magic with others through creative outlets, I want to feel abundant and aligned with what I’m doing and know that it’s right for me. 

This community is an expression of my genuine love and desire to support other beautiful souls, coupled with my self-love journey back home to my divine nature. 🔮

 I am truly honored to share this with you. ❤️ Here's to a magical experience rooted in self-love, self-care and creating a life aligned with your highest, most authentic self.

With love and gratitude, 

Vansa ❤